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The band is currently split between Perth and Melbourne, so a show is rare and exciting thing for us. Behold then, our appearance at Perth's This Is Nowhere festival!

This Is Nowhere
Somerville Auditorium, Perth
Sunday 14 October 2012
Line-up also includes Tortoise, Xiu Xiu, Grails, Beach Fossils, Htrk for tickets and more details

In the next few months we'll dig some artifacts out of our archives (read: hard-drives and shoeboxes) and put it online. Look forward to that.


Our new web store is now open for business. For all your album and EP needs, The Bank Holidays can provide!


Sail Becomes A Kite is in-store now, distributed through MGM in Australia, and Darla in the USA.

Digital download is available through via iTunes or eMusic. Order physical copies through the dudes at the Lost & Lonesome Recording Co.

Listen to tracks now on our myspace.

What people are writing...

"If any act of a more prominent status was to record this exact album, you’d be hearing its praised screamed for the rooftops. Being an indie band from Perth, the screams will take a little longer to be heard but rest assured this is not just one of 2010’s best releases from an indie band, it’s one of the best albums of 2010 full stop... 4.5/5" - Time Off Magazine (Brisbane, Aus)

"Perfect harmonies, wrenchingly pretty guitars and clouded production sweep over Sail Becomes a Kite. But it's the details sewn into every song the faintest percussion flourish, the grinding riffs off to the side and the masterly written melodies that really make the record... 4/5" - The Age (Melbourne, Aus)

"Sail Becomes A Kite is wrapped in cashmere sweaters of harmonies, decked out in strong colours of often alluring melodies and shod in strong musicianship... 4/5" - Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Aus)

"Sail Becomes A Kite continues the Perth quartet’s fixation on imagery-rich songwriting, as well as production poise and impeccable vocal layering" - Mess & Noise (Aus) [full review]

"Thereabouts is the first single from Sail Becomes a Kite and it's a lush, cleverly crafted ball of beauty. Bekk Reczek sings like Cerys Matthews of Catatonia, leading the dreamy '60s sound with her childlike voice. And then, in the last twenty seconds of the song, her bandmates kick in with an Animal Collective-inspired harmonic burst. Beautiful." - Beat Magazine (Melbourne, Aus)

"If Brian Wilson had done it, it'd be making headlines" - MAG (Aus)


For the recent WAMI Festival, Love Is My Velocity (our favourite Perth-based record label/publishers/event creators), opened a pop-up shop dubbed Takeaway Tunes.

As well as selling music products released by Western Australia labels and bands, they also had a couple of bands play in the store each day, recorded the results, and stuck it up on the internet.

You can hear our acoustic session (minus drummer Stuart) on Love Is My Velocity's site.

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Live acoustic session at Love Is My Velocity's "Takeaway Tunes"

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