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Sail Becomes A Kite
Label: Lost & Lonesome
Released: 17 July 2010 (digital release and pre-orders from 12 July)
1. Tripping Up To Fall In Love
2. Save Silence
3. Thereabouts
4. The Motif
5. His Majesty's Voice
6. Particles
7. Sail Becomes A Kite
8. Oxford Street
9. Without It
10. Through The Trees
11. In The Desert
12. Gravity's Playthings

Recording in the grandiose timber-clad surrounds of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Perth, there began the creation of Sail Becomes a Kite. Eventually we bunkered down with Steve Bond and Benjamin Golby to adorn and complete the album, opting for autumnal hues in place of our usual summery sparkle.

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As A Film
Label: Lost & Lonesome
Released: October 2007
1. The Voice I Hear When I'm Alone
2. Oh Daylight
3. This Elated Height
4. Cheating Cheating
5. Folded in Half
6. Consolation Prize
7. First Things First
8. Like a Piano
9. Teaching Pupils
10. Pits & Gravel
11. Tread Easy
12. There is a Room on Hold

Venturing over to eastern Australia's Gippsland region, we met up with studio wizard J. Walker to create our debut album As A Film. The result is a beautiful, celestial world that is occupied by cities of classic melodic architecture, oceans of woozy strings, and desert islands of disembodied strange voices. That said, we didn't ignore the prize that is the catchy pop song.

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Bird (single, 7-inch vinyl)
Label: Love Is My Velocity
Released: May 2006

AA. Bird (The Bank Holidays)
AA. City Walls & Empires (Institut Polaire)

Our first foray into vinyl, issued as a limited edition by Love Is My Velocity. Features our friends Institut Polaire on the other side with their song 'City Walls & Empires'.

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Day For Night (EP)
Label: Lost & Lonesome Recording Co
Released: September 2005

1. She's Not Into Love
2. Like A Piano
3. Can't Be Beat
4. Leave It Out
5. Not So Long Ago

Our second EP, again recorded with Steve Bond twiddling the knobs. Features five pop songs from us and a whole lotta colour, courtesy of a string quartet, brass section and... a flute.

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Good Looks To Camera (EP)
Label: Lost & Lonesome Recording Co
Released: September 2004

1. Tread Easy
2. Folded In Half
3. Along With The Sun
4. The City Is Too Small
5. The Greatest Game

In late-2003 and early-2004 we recorded our first EP with friend Steve Bond. Sessions were fuelled by cartons of orange juice, and a guy around the corner from Steve's place who served hot dogs on the street.

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