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The Bank Holidays were conceived over a game of badminton by the Norwegian sea. After a quick and excited telephone call from Norway to the west coast of Australia, the band was born. The concept: a group whose primary occupation is vocal harmonies and melodies of the highest order.

After the initial due-paying live gigs, the group released debut EP "Good Looks To Camera" with tracks 'Tread Easy' and 'The Greatest Game' both hitting high rotation on Australian national radio network Triple J. This was followed by Australian touring and the "Day For Night" EP, which showed off a greatly expanded range of imagination and colour from the group, with tracks adorned by strings, flutes, brass, and the usual array of voices to create an ecstatic rush of sound.

The Bank Holidays took out the Western Australian Music Industry Award for Best Indie Pop Group at the beginning of 2007, but as the year drew to a close, The Bank Holidays were just getting started.

Debut album ‘As A Film’ was full to the brim with adventurous pop and vocal harmonies that only three lead singers and songwriters could create, all blessed by the touch of Australian-resident production genius J Walker. Reviewers called it "a quiet classic" (Mess & Noise) or said it would "be called a classic WA album, if there is any justice in the world" (The West Australian).

After more Australian touring, the group found themselves all over Europe, playing festivals and shows across Norway, Sweden, Germany, and the UK through the latter half of 2008.

Sophomore album "Sail Becomes A Kite", released in July 2010, saw The Bank Holidays opting for autumnal hues in place of their usual summery sparkle. Yet, still present among the moodier, more filmic atmosphere is the band's indisputable grasp of melody and compelling song-writing.

- June 2010

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